zondag 23 januari 2011

Not dead but very much alive!

It's been a while since I updated anything on the SennMagic project, but here it is!

Version 3.5 has some minor changes and additions in existing classes (DFCUtils, GeneralUtils) but most importantly:
The 'chainable' collections api!

Don't you just hate it when you are instantiating objects and you have to pass a Collection instance and you can't do it in one line because the collection needs one or more items in it, like this:

car.setPassengers(new ArrayList<Passenger>()); // you can only add an empty list
//so you have to do:
List<Passenger> passengers = new ArrayList<Passenger>();
passengers.add(new Passenger("Bart"));

That's all in the past with the chainable collections api!

The chainable collections api has extra methods (with very recognizable, straightforward names) to add/remove/replace items in the collections, but instead of the normal return value, it returns the collection itself.  This enables you to 'chain' actions like this:

//same as previous example:
car.setPassengers(new ChainableArrayList<Passenger>().put(new Passenger("Bart")));

I have created implementations for the most commonly used collections (+maps):
  • ChainableList extends List
    • ChainableArrayList extends ArrayList implements ChainableList
    • ChainableLinkedList extends LinkedList implements ChainableList
  • ChainableMap extends Map
    • ChainableHashMap extends HashMap implements ChainableMap
    • ChainableLinkedHashMap extends LinkedHashMap implements ChainableMap
    • ChainableTreeMap extends TreeMap implements ChainableMap
  • ChainableQueue extends Queue
    • ChainablePriorityQueue extends PriorityQueue implements ChainableQueue
  • ChainableSet extends Set
    • ChainableHashSet extends HashSet implements ChainableSet
    • ChainableLinkedHashSet extends LinkedHashSet implements ChainableSet
    • ChainableTreeSet extends TreeSet implements ChainableSet
It's already proven to be quite handy, especially when creating unit tests, in multiple projects, by multiple developers.

Get it while it's still hot!