maandag 9 mei 2011

Updates incoming in 3.6

Hi all,

version 3.6 of SennMagic is currently in the making and there's some nice new stuff in there!

AutowiredHttpServlet: an HttpServlet that allows your Spring beans to be automatically injected if you annotate them with the Spring @Autowired annotation.

The Directory class has been retrofitted to extend  Some methods have been removed to avoid duplicate methods with

The Chainable Collections API has some new stuff aswell! 

First of all, the implementations have been changed so they return their own implementation instead of the interface.  This way specific implementation methods can be added to the end of the chain if needed.
For example in ChainableHashMap:

public ChainableMap<K, V> add(K key, V value) {...}

has been changed to:

public ChainableHashMap<K, V> add(K key, V value) {...}

Second, I've added ChainableVector and ChainableHashtable to the CCA.

And as always methods have been added to various existing classes.

Stay tuned!